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MEDLANCE® Plus Safety Lancet 200/BOX

Medlance Safety Lancet
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MEDLANCE® plus Lite BG-L200-25: Micro flow (purple), Tri-bevel needle, 25g, 1.5mm penetration depth.

MEDLANCE® plus Universal #BG-L200-21: Low flow (royal blue), Tri-bevel needle, 21g, 1.8mm penetration depth.

Medlance® safety lancets are packaged in boxes of 200 individual units.


GENTLE Medlance plus lancet has an ultra-sharp needle optimally positioned during skin penetration. Linear needle tracking eliminates vibrations to reduce pain and prevent tissue damage. Medlance plus low triggering force ensures gentle and comfortable contact with puncture site.

EASY Medlance plus is a modern ergonomically shaped safety lancet with reliable contact activation mechanism which does not require pre-loading and makes blood sampling simpler then ever before.

SAFE Medlance Plus is a single-use, self-destructing device which cannot be reloaded. Medlance plus needle is concealed before and just after use preventing sharps-injures. Medlance plus lancets are sterilized with 25 kGy Gamma irradiation for supreme safety.

EFFICIENT Medlance plus Safety Lancet has a "technique-independent” design, which ensures adequate blood flow at minimum pain level.

Medlance plus Safety Lancets are available in four different color-coded versions to meet specific blood sample size applications and address the variety of skin types.