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Reimbursement Manual

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Reimbursement Manual

Completely revised, fifth edition of our best-selling guide to coding, billing and fee schedule management. Takes you through every step of the reimbursement process.

Covers terminology, HIPAA transactions and code sets, procedure coding with CPT and HCPCS, diagnosis coding with ICD-9-CM, E/M documentation, fee schedule review, superbill design, and how to deal effectively with insurance companies and managed care organizations. 40+ page glossary of billing, coding, and compliance terms Extensive forms section with forms you can duplicate for your office. Section covering the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI). Comprehensive CPT and HCPCS coding instructions with proven billing and coding tips. Comprehensive ICD-9-CM coding instructions with numerous examples of correct coding. Chapter on Super Bill design helps you create a custom charge form from scratch. Dealing with health insurance chapter helps you improve your health insurance claims filing and follow-up. Managed Care section teaches you how to review and negotiate contracts and deal effectively with managed care organizations. Comprehensive HIPAA section helps you achieve compliance.